Springwater Township Implements 4-Day Work Week

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After a successful pilot project, the Township of Springwater decided to permanently shift to a four-day work week to give its employees a better work-life balance. Last week, the Springwater council voted unanimously to change the municipality´s work schedule. Additionally, to extend public office hours from 8:30 a to 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday. 

Besides implementing remote work environments, companies are going a step further to provide the best work-life balance. And 4-day weeks have proven to be successful both for productivity and the well-being of employees. 

Springwater Township 4-Day Work Week 

The township did a trial test during the past five months and had positive feedback from employees. 71% of its employees prefer having a compressed work schedule, working longer days from either Monday to Thursday or Tuesday to Friday. 

Staff noted greater productivity, more time for family and other commitments, and improved mental health as the most notable benefits of their new work schedule. 

The township conducted three surveys from residents, council members, and township staff. The results:

  • 95% of the residents indicated the quality of the service was an acceptable standard or better. 88% were not concerned with the township permanently continuing the compressed work schedule.
  • 50% of the staff who did not participate in the pilot project said they would reconsider whether the four-day work week became permanent.

The 4-day work week will still remain optional. The program is part of a broader Flexible Work Arrangement Policy that provides remote, flexible, and hybrid work options. Employees are required to meet the same 35 or 40-hour time required when participating in a flexible work arrangement.


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