Spain: Non-Resident Income Tax for Digital Nomads

Non-Resident Income Tax for digital nomads

Last Friday, the Spanish government launched the Non-Resident Income Tax for digital nomads to attract travelers and remote workers. Digital nomads working in Spain will have tax reductions and improved visa facilities. 

During the pandemic, Spain was deeply affected by lengthy quarantines and lockdowns. After the first COVID outbreak, the country launched several initiatives to attract long-stay tourists and digital nomads. From free rent to a one-year-long digital nomad visa, the Spanish government makes a step forward. 

The new initiative reducing taxes for digital nomads lasts five years. In addition, they will have reduced taxes. The initiative aims to attract investors and emerging companies in the tech industry. 

As the Ministry of Economic Affairs said on Twitter: “Attracting and recovering international and national talent, favoring the establishment in Spain of teleworkers and digital nomads.”

The Non-Resident Income Tax for digital nomads is the first step to relaunch the local economy. Following the example of Croatia, the Spanish government promotes tax reductions, high-speed wi-fi, and convenient visa to attract international companies and innovation. 


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