Spain Offers Free Rent And Jobs To Remote Workers And Families

remote workers and families

Spain bets on remote workers and families to restart the local economy. The Spanish city of Griegos offers housing and jobs to people willing to relocate to the area. 

Following the example of other European countries like Italy or Albania, Spain launched a new project to attract families and remote workers. In the Spanish northeast Aragon region, the town of Griegos registers 138 residents and 9 children. The Deputy Mayor of the city Ernesto Augusti announces a new project on Social Media to attract families and remote workers. 

Besides remote workers, the idea is to attract families with kids to save schools from closing. The campaign offers three months rental houses and two jobs to families with children willing to relocate to the town. 

New Campaign To Repopulate Griegos WIth Families And Remote Workers 

The local councils already received over 3.000 applications. Successful applicants are allowed three months of free rent. After the initial period, rent will cost €225 a month. In addition, families will receive a discount of €50 rent per child. For example, with two children, the average rent will be €125 a month. 

The city also organized job positions for successful candidates. As the advertisement reads: “We offer you work in the kitchen and restaurant for you and your partner at the Paladar de Aragón, located in La Muela de San Juan. Or you can manage the Griegos hotel-restaurant, located in the square.”

For those who are working remotely, Gregos is opening coworking spaces and flexible workplaces. 

The project has been very successful. After the first round, the council asked to submit an additional video because of the high number of requests. While governments are still battling COVID restrictions, projects to lure remote workers and families prove to be the most successful. 


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