South African Companies Embrace Flexible Models

Cape Town

South African organizations are embracing flexible models as a way to fight against the great resignation. During the past two years, most employees have worked from home. So, when companies started calling them back to the office most of them refused. Consequently, employees have quit their jobs, seeking professional opportunities that give them flexible benefits and a better work-life balance. 

In South Africa, for most CEOs, the best way to retain talent is to focus on accelerating their digital transformation. Also, providing employees with a work environment where they feel comfortable and happy.

South Africa and Remote Work

Employers are challenged to offer better and more flexible opportunities to their employees. As Zuko Mdwaba, vice president for Salesforce South Africa mentioned (techsmart): 

“With remote work on the rise, they’re competing with organizations in every market, to provide the best flexible working conditions and developmental opportunities. Increasingly, too, today’s workforce expects business leaders to lead in a way that is ethical and responsible. In this all-digital world, with the right leadership, training, and technology, companies can create a more meaningful work to better attract, retain and nurture talent, from anywhere.”

The pandemic impacted south African businesses in many ways. One of the recent consequences the region has seen is in terms of semi migration. Many professionals are moving to the coast and smaller towns while continuing to work from home.

Additionally, South African hiring market has also been affected by remote work, and its currency facing a war for talent, as banks, retailers, and other businesses are fighting to hire from a limited talent pool. 

As Capitec Chief Executive Gerrie Fouri mentioned, according to Business Tech: 

“This is being fueled by people saying they are now working from home and overseas. It’s quite easy to work in London but you actually sit in South Africa, so I think there will be quite a war for talent,” 



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