Sony Offers Full Remote Work Option to Attract AI And Cloud Engineering Talent

sony remote work

Sony’s Semiconductor Division Offers New Opportunities for Engineers with Skills in Priority Areas

Sony Semiconductor Solutions, a subsidiary of Sony Group, is introducing full remote work options for mid-career hires in its semiconductor division. The company is searching for engineers with skills in priority areas like software development and artificial intelligence and expects to hire 10 to 20 people for remote work positions.

Recruitment is ongoing for 11 positions, including AI model quality control, cloud technology development, and imaging processing technology for edge AI. The move to full remote work aligns with Sony’s aim of changing its semiconductor business model beyond just being a component supplier. Its image sensors for cameras in Apple’s iPhone and other devices are the division’s primary earnings driver, but the company is seeking to expand its reach.

For now, remote work is only available in the semiconductor division, but Sony may expand it to other parts of the group in response to increasing competition for tech talent worldwide.


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