Solgaard Releases The Perfect Bag For Digital Nomads

bag for digital nomads

One of Solgaard’s latest releases is a bag for digital nomads. Sustainable luxury promotes sustainable and sophisticated travel items for any adventure. Design-driven and ideal for traveling, the NYC-based brand targets global citizens.

The Lifepack Endeavor is an innovative bag for remote workers and travelers. Ideal for those who need to optimize space – saving bag fees at the airport! 


  • Drop-proof laptop storage
  • Free paper storage
  • Protected Glasses Pocket
  • Cable pocket


  • 28 Liters compact, 38 liters expanded
  • Removable hanging closet
  • Sunglasses pocket
  • Suitcase seatbelt
  • 4 secret pockets (passports and credit cards)
  • Plush shoulder straps w back support
  • Water-resistant bottom

As working and traveling become more popular, this is one of the best examples of the perfect bag for digital nomads. Working remotely and traveling means bringing several items with you. From your laptop cables to emergency clothes, it’s important to optimize space and simplify moving.

Image source: Solgaard


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