Smaller Firms Prefer Work-from-Home

small firms work-from-home
Photo by Israel Andrade on Unsplash

A recent survey found that small firms prefer work-from-home.

Flexible space provider Awfis and tech-enabled workplace provider Qdesq release a new survey about businesses’ preferences. According to their findings, nearly 90% of pharmaceutical companies prefer working from the office. And 50% of the technology and retail sector companies are opting for hybrid arrangements.

Furthermore, most corporates aim to expand and increase in the upcoming year, while 40% are still adopting hybrid workplaces. Finally, it is expected an increasing need for flexible and on-demand office spaces.

Awfis Founder & CEO, Amit Ramani, says: “The long-term future of the entire business will determined by the current occupier patterns. They are also creating new expansion opportunities for flex space operators in the short term. This is an opportune time for flex space operators to reinvent their workspaces; diversify their presence in cities; and carefully analyze tenant expectations to accommodate them effectively as flexibility continues to hold sway over workplace strategies of enterprises of all sizes.”

Besides small firms preferring work-from-home, the survey found:

  • 35-40% of companies of different sizes prefer hybrid work.
  • 45% of corporations will look for flexible and conventional office spaces.
  • 35% of small businesses already have in place a multi-office approach and collaboration with co-working spaces.

Commenting on the preference of small firms for work-from-home, Awfis Deputy CEO, Sumit Lakhani, said: “The pandemic-induced shift in occupier demands completely transformed the coworking sector in India. In times of uncertainty, the coworking industry saw a new set of workplace requirements that later evolved into a new style of working after the global affliction.”


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