First Web3-powered Co-working Space

Web3-powered co-working space

Metacamp launches Singapore’s first Web3-powered co-working space.

Singapore has always been a popular destination for ex-pats and digital nomads. In addition, the city’s local workers often expressed their preference for remote work

As the demand for flexible workplaces increases, Metacamp launches a new co-working space. In collaboration with blockchain firm Solana, the Web3 community opened an NFT-gated co-working space in Singapore on Pagoda Street. The goal is to encourage networking among investors, startups, and talent across the Web3 industry.

The Metacamp community counts over 600 members. And the blockchain firm provides educational programs, networking events, and the opportunity of learning new skills and growing professionally. 

The company will officially launch the first Web3-powered co-working space on November 17, responding to growing trends toward flexible work solutions. 

Image source: Metacamp


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