In Singapore 4 in 10 Employees Would Give Up Bonuses to Work Remotely


According to a survey by HR solutions agency Randstad, 41% of employees in Singapore would rather work remotely than receive an economic incentive. 

Most companies are currently evaluating their upcoming work policies. And while, in many cases, they are opting for hybrid environments, employees continue looking forward to working remotely. 

Employees Want Remote Work

Multiple benefits come along with working remotely that are better than bonuses. Benefits such as productivity, saving time and money, and better work-life balance make some employees choose remote work rather than a bonus.

Among the respondents of the Randstad survey, at least 80% received a salary increment in 2022, with 9% of these employees seeing a pay rise of more than 20%. 

According to the managing director for Singapore and Malaysia at Randstad, Ms. Jaya Dass, employers need to consider two things if they want to retain talent 1) Compensation and 2) Their working policies.

She mentioned:

“Talent with in-demand skills in this candidate-short market have a strong negotiating power to request higher salaries and will likely look for a new employer if their current boss is unable to meet their expectations”


“Employers that intend to make hybrid work a permanent feature of their workforce culture after the pandemic should also start to roll out policies as soon as they can to retain their workforce.”


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