San Francisco is Becoming a Main Attraction for Remote Workers Due to Its High Salaries

Golden gate bridge San Francisco

According to Ladders, San Francisco currently has 68,777 job openings for high-paying jobs. This makes it the city with more job openings in the U.S. and Canada that offers remote workers six-figure salaries. Followed by San Francisco are New York and Los Angeles. 

The pandemic made remote work the new way of attracting qualified professionals. As most employees experienced the benefits of working from home, now that some offices are asking them to return, most of them prefer looking for new job opportunities. For many, big cities, such as San Francisco or New York, where remote workers were a minority, have turned into remote hubs. Employers are not only allowing remote work but even paying six-figure salaries to remote workers. 

San Francisco: The New Remote Work Location

Ladders, a job search website that focuses on positions that pay six figures in the U.S. and Canada, has revealed the cities paying more for remote workers. According to the website’s data, San Francisco is the U.S. city with the highest number of job openings with a total of 68,777. Followed by New York with 64,681.

Marc Cenedella, Ladder’s CEO, said that the results are surprising as it’s something it was never seen before.

Two years ago, remote would not have made the top 50 list, so it’s an enormous change. This is really the biggest shift in how we work since the invention of the automobile.Marc Cendella

Because of this new situation, these cities, among others, will likely become popular locations for remote workers. Employees along many companies have been clear in their desires to continue working from home. In some cases, they’ve gone further, saying that they will quit and look for a different opportunity if they don’t have any flexible policies. Such is the case of Apple’s employees fighting for remote working rights throughout this year. 

Additionally, moving towards a remote working model has led companies to offer lower wages for those moving to cities with lower living costs. However, Cenedella shares that this trend is likely to disappear as other popular cities are offering high-paying salaries. 


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