New Co-working Space in San Francisco!

san francisco co-working space

Pacific Workplaces launches a new co-working space in San Francisco. 

The pandemic highly impacted the city. After the spread of remote work, most people moved to more affordable locations. However, San Francisco remains one of the best places for remote workers. And the demand for flexible workplaces keeps growing.

So, Pacific Workplace announces a new opening in the Pacific Heights area – 2001 Van Ness Avenue. Spreading 10,798 square feet, the new co-working space in San Francisco will feature: 

– 36 private offices

– 1 open co-working area

– 6 dedicated desks

– 24 open co-working seats

– Fully equipped meeting rooms

– Speed Internet, virtual offices

Further, the space will organize several events to entertain its members and encourage networking. The idea is to create a cozy place where professionals can feel at home while being predictive. As Laurent Dhollande, CEO of Pacific Workplaces, said: “One of the major shifts in work behavior the last couple of years has been a move towards hybrid work. However, not everyone can work from home. The roommate(s), the spouse, the kids, pets, or the lack of infrastructure can make work-from-home difficult. This is why Pacific Workplaces is developing neighborhood co-working spaces to provide a workable solution you can walk or bike to, full-time or part-time. Pacific Workplaces in Pacific Heights is a perfect example of that.”

The new co-woirking space in San Francisco adds to other locations in the country. And the intention of creating new spaces shows how much people have changed their habits at work.


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