San Francisco Has the Highest Average Salary for Remote Workers 

San Francisco

According to recent data compiled by Teamwork, project management software, San Francisco has the highest average monthly salary for remote workers at $7,955. Followed by San Francisco is Seatle with an average salary of $6,783, and in the third place is Arlington with a salary of $6,383

The pandemic led to a remote work boom. Now, thousands of employees are either changing for jobs that enable a remote arrangement or negotiating flexible terms with their employers. Remote work is the norm, and cities are also a key aspect for employees looking to build their remote work lifestyle. 

Best Cities for Remote Workers

Although many cities in the US pay high salaries, some of them also have high lifestyle costs. For example, Seattle ranks number two on the list, but it also is known to have an expensive cost of living. 

The report, besides analyzing the cities with the highest salaries, also analyzed the best cities in terms of cost of living and salaries.

The Teamwork report is based on several factors such as:

  • Cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment
  • A meal in an inexpensive restaurant
  • A 3-course meal in a mid-range restaurant
  • Internet
  • Gym
  • Transport
  • Taxi
  • Activities such as movie tickets, beer, etc. 

These are the top 10 cities:

1. Cheyenne, Wyoming

2. Huntington, West Virginia

3. Ann Arbor, Michigan

4. Columbus, Ohio

5. Dallas, Texas

6. Little Rock, Arkansas

7. Jacksonville, Florida

8. Buffalo, New York

9. Albuquerque, New Mexico

10. Burlington, Vermont


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