Salesforce’s CEO Says He’s Surprised of the Impact of Remote Work in the Company

Salesforce remote work

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff explained how surprised all the company CEOs are with the impact remote work has had on the company. After a year of working remotely, employees expressed their desire to continue working under this flexible arrangement.  

In a recent survey, 3 in 4 employees want to continue working remotely. As companies decide between hybrid or fully remote arrangements, employees have continued to express all the benefits of working from home. 

Salesforce’s Remote Work Plans

Salesforce is one of the companies that have decided to provide their employees with remote work options, even after the pandemic ends. Marc Benioff told CNBC that he expects between 50% and 60% of the company’s staff to work remotely post-COVID-19. 

Benioff said that he, and many other CEOs of the company, are surprised with the impact remote work has had on the company. Employees continue to be even more productive while working from home. This has led the company’s directives to provide the staff with the flexibility to choose where to work. 

You’re really starting to see some very low attendance numbers in offices because employees are so productive at home. They can do their job at home. They can be successful from anywhere. The companies and our customers are successful. It’s incredible, but the way they’re being successful has completely changed. Marc Benioff

Salesforce will continue to operate on-site but is allowing much more flexibility to their employees. According to Benioff, for them, it’s important to maintain a connection and build a company culture, but the executives believe that after the pandemic, many aspects of their working structure will change. 


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