Salesforce San Francisco Offices Will Open Soon

Salesforce tower
Indianapolis – Circa June 2017: Recently renamed Salesforce Tower. is a cloud computing company and will add 800 new jobs to Indianapolis II

In February, Salesforce had revealed the implementation of flexible arrangements for those employees who wanted to continue working remotely post the pandemic. However, this week the software giant announced that the San Francisco offices would be opening soon, and employees could return to its headquarters next month. 

With vaccine implementation in most parts of the U.S., many companies are calling their employees back to the office. Instead of continuing with a fully remote model, businesses are implementing hybrid arrangements that allow employees to work from home and the office during the week. 

What is Salesforce Stand on Remote Work? 

Earlier this year, Salesforce told its employees that they would have the possibility of continuing to work remotely full-time, even when offices started reopening. With the ‘’Success from Anywhere’’ plan, employees have three options: Flex work (working both in the office and at home), fully remote, and office-based.

According to a news release, the company informed that most of the 17 offices have opened in the Asia-pacific region:

Offices will gradually reopen from 20% to 75% capacity, depending on the COVID data rating and local guidance. In this stage, we will welcome both vaccinated and non-vaccinated employees, and we will continue to follow safety protocols and provide testing where possible.Salesforce

The plan to reopen offices, besides the necessary protocols, also consists of redesigning the workspaces. According to Salesforce, their employees will experience new features and spaces that adapt to the current pandemic situation, such as touch-free handles and sensors, air purifiers, redesigned lobbies, etc. 

Google, Facebook, Twitter, JPMorgan, among other big organizations, have taken their say on what will happen during these next months regarding remote work. Most of them are implementing a hybrid model, but the trend is very similar in most cases: They want their employees to come back to the office to some extent. 


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