The New Must-Have: Safe Printing Systems

safe printing systems

With the rise of hybrid work arrangements, most companies created more efficient, safe printing systems. 

With 61-80% of employees working remotely, most businesses faced numerous challenges to improve their virtual workflow. As a result, employers worldwide enhance their tools and systems to ensure a secure and smooth workflow.

KYOCERA Document Solutions Italia is a leading company providing printing and document solutions. Offering safe printing systems, the company aims to provide a secure and smooth communication system for virtual and hybrid teams. To put it simply, the two A3 multifunctional systems with security infrastructures (TASKalfa 2554ci and TASKalfa 3554ci) can access, print, and manage digital and printed documents. 

Indeed, the major challenge for team managers was to keep the same productivity level with a distributed team. First, team members had to adjust to a flexible schedule while maintaining deadlines. Second, organizations had to embrace new technologies to speed up production quickly. 

Especially for hybrid teams, it’s crucial to provide digital tools ensuring data security. And safe printing systems are a priority to avoid hacker attacks. With the increase in cyber-attacks, old solutions to protect documents and data are becoming obsolete. According to IDC, there is no cyber security awareness when it comes to printers and documents in most cases.

Hybrid arrangements require software and hardware solutions for digital transformation and physical meetings alike. Combining security and functionality, KYOCERA system provides a cost-effective option reducing security risks.

As the pandemic increases remote work arrangements, most companies opt for hybrid solutions. Necessities like safe printing systems are still a priority in the process of digitizing documentation and workflow. 


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