Roseate Hotels Expand Its Co-working Portfolio

co-working portfolio

Because of the past two years’ data, co-working operators expect a rise in the demand for flexible workplaces in 2022. As a result, Roseate Hotels and Resorts is expanding its co-working portfolio. The company plans to open a minimum of two co-working spaces every year.

After the pandemic, flexibility is a top priority for most professionals worldwide. However, most people struggle to find an ideal workplace to keep high productivity levels. As a result of this high demand, most co-working operators are implementing their services to capitalize on this new range of opportunities over the next 12–18 months.

Indeed, demand for desks reached 55,000 seats in 2021, compared to 36,000 seats in 2020. Following the need for alternative workplaces, Roseate wants to expand the company’s co-working portfolio. And the initiatives specifically target professionals willing to pay for better services. The company launched its first premium co-working in December 2019. Run by Bird Group, the company Roseate House New Delhi co-working club is located at Aerocity.

For the next project, Roseate is planning to open two new centers outside NCR. Although the location hasn’t been decided yet, the company aims to target the same professional niche everywhere. The New Delhi co-working provides: 

  • Meeting halls
  • Boardroom
  • Small meeting spaces and capsules for solo workers

In addition, members can access Upstage, a 4K cinema, and an auditorium. In the area, most companies are extending their hybrid and remote models. Part of the company’s co-working portfolio is to create a predictive environment to work and relax. 

Roseate isn’t the first company promoting premium co-working spaces. However, they included trends and expectations in their co-working portfolio, expecting this tendency to last in the future. 

Image source: Roseate Hotels and Resorts


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