Remote Work On The Rise Again In The US: LinkedIn Workforce Confidence Index Shows Interesting Trend

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After a peak in November 2022, in-person work shows a decline with many in the US preferring to work from home.

In a recent report by LinkedIn, the share of people working from home has been on the rise again since November 2022. The workforce confidence index shows that in-person work peaked in November 2022 with 55% of people working from physical offices, but this trend has since started to shift. As of January 2023, the gap between in-person and remote work is narrowing, with 50% of workers stating they are primarily working in person and 28% saying they are working remotely.

Source: LinkedIn

Interestingly, the number of hybrid workers has steadily increased to 18% in November 2022, from a little over 10% in January of 2021. According to a LinkedIn expert, this trend is the “start of something interesting,” but others have pointed out that a similar pattern emerged in January 2022, possibly due to people extending their work-from-home period after the holidays.

Despite the recent uptick in remote work, the number of work-from-home job openings in the US has been on the decline. This figure has decreased from a high of 20% in March 2020 to 14% in November 2022, indicating that employers are offering fewer remote positions.

As the world adapts to the ongoing changes, it remains to be seen how the workforce will ultimately be shaped by these shifting dynamics.


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