233% Increase in Remote Working Job Ads in UK

Remote work job billboard on road

The number of ‘remote working’ job ads climbed up to 78,000 in February 2021 in the UK. That is a 233% jump compared the remote working job ads from February 2020. This shows how the trend of remote working is picking up and growing rapidly.

What do the Numbers Look Like?

Image Courtesy: www.londonnewstime.com

According to New Street Consulting Group, a leadership and people solutions consultancy:

  • 3.6% of roles listed as remote In February 2021.
  • This is a considerable hike from 0.8% in the pre-pandemic times.
  • This is twice of 1.8% of remote working roles that were advertised in August 2020.

New Street Consulting Group sees a division between businesses that are planning to make remote work permanent and those that still want a traditional brick and mortar setting. The latter is making plans to bring back their employees to office and continue business as usual once it is safe to do so.

Just recently, the Prime Minister confirmed that the coronavirus restrictions will soon be lifted (next week). All hotels, restaurants, shops and gyms will be allowed to re-open.

While Nationwide has now given a green signal to it’s 13000 employees to choose remote work even after the pandemic ends, Barclays group CEO, Jes Stanley has an entirely different opinion. According to him, remote work is not sustainable. In agreement with him is also David Solomon, CEO of Goldman Sachs.

We see a mismatch of views here but the 233% hike in remote job ads does imply that more businesses in the UK are adopting this new way of working. The pandemic surely and visibly has shifted the way businesses and the world function. For now, we can say that all of it seems to be going in a good direction!

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