Work-Life Balance HACKS For Digital Nomads

Business capabilities and remote work grow by the minute and it is clear that business and employment models will forever change and so will day to day life, but how far is too far?

This ongoing transition inevitably culminates to a heavy load and burnout for digital nomads – the people who have completely shifted to freelance work and thus have the opportunity to organize their business tasks how they want and perform them whenever they see fit as long as it does fit.

And, all these things do sound incredibly tempting, right?

Well, yeah, but the complete freedom to organize your time coupled with the absence of a strict daily routine, workplace environment, a cycle, tends to seriously undermine work-life balance and eventually undermine productivity of the average digital nomad.

Top Challenges Faced By Digital Nomads.
Top Challenges Faced By Digital Nomads.

Thus, at Think Remote, we, here, take a look at a few simple hacks towards happily being a digital nomad and mitigate the cons of fundamental change.

Master The Art Of Time Management

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. And in that case, Jack tends to procrastinate – A LOT. 

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Do your best then to create a sensible work-free time balance where you will give your 100% in short bursts of time and indulge in your favorite distraction in the pauses to recharge your batteries. Trying to do both at the same time is plain multi-tasking and you shouldn’t do that. 

How to organize your time then? 

Well, these days we know countless different time management methods but we suggest starting with the classics like the Pomodoro technique since they have, by now, produced great results.

Dedicated Work Environment & Time

Your employees don’t care whether you are going to deliver your orders from your office or some beach in the Maldives

Work-life balance for remote workers

But, it should be clear that a professional and distraction-free environment, first and foremost, helps you to produce better results. 

So, even if you decide to do your work from some tropical oasis, you can always remain professional and do your job in a consistent work time slot and an environment that stimulates your own optimal productivity. And that’s what it’s all about!

The Plan

And do that at least a week in advance!

This simple move will give your efforts a much stronger sense of structure and, of course, produce stronger results with less invested effort. 

Now, most people like to deal with this issue by making endless to-do lists that don’t really offer a true sense of guidance. What you suggest you do instead is to organize your tasks by priorities and start each day with at least 3 critical-business related tasks before tackling regular chores. 

Make sure, though, to make them specific and time-limited to avoid unintentional busywork. Locking fun distractions behind these critical tasks is one way to handle the problem.

Learn How To Learn Effectively

A life of a digital nomad is a life of independence but also self-sustainability. Carrying your entire career on your own shoulders means you need to be able to learn effectively. Be sure then to master the learning techniques that will allow you to quickly adopt the new skills you may need to keep moving forward. A big part of this effort lies in finding suitable learning materials. For instance, the University of Surrey resources for students are made to make mastery of various subjects simple and time-effective. These student notes always make a better choice than endless online searches.

Schedule Your Tasks In Your Peak Hours

Ideally, you should handle your work tasks while you are in high gear and spend less productive hours on cool-down. 

Traditionally, people have been able to achieve the best results in the morning when there are fewer distractions and they are still fresh from quality sleep. Getting through your work obligations as early as possible is also very stimulating since you still have an entire day at your disposal. 

But, if you are simply not a morning person don’t force yourself into a work mentality. Go for a run, read something, or play with Duolingo until your peak productivity hours finally come kicking in.

Factor Spontaneity To Your System

In other words, you should create a schedule that won’t be 100% rigid, force you to work now and always leave the fun for later, and constantly put fun activities and social contacts on hold. 

One of the best things about living as a digital nomad is endless opportunities for adventure. Missing out on such opportunities will inevitably cause frustration. 

So, instead of going all Spartan, allow yourself to go on an unplanned drink with a newly acquainted friend. You only need to make sure your schedule anticipates such events and gives you enough freedom to improvise within a solid time frame.

Clear Idea Of Long-Term Goals

Being able to work remotely from any location in the world can prove to be deceivingly pleasant – so much so that digital nomads often lose sight of their overall goals and simply indulge in the perks of the current status quo. 

That is a mistake, since, like all other careers, the path of a digital nomad leads toward some sensible long-term goal. Be sure then to always have this grand goal in mind and break your chase for this white whale into smaller SMART goals you will break down even further to keep yourself on track. Reaching these milestones is both useful and very empowering.

Be Social And Make Your Goals Public

In the end, we would like to point out that life on the road can create a sense of uprooting and isolation.

These devastating feelings can take a serious bite out of your mental health and destroy any semblance of productivity you might have. That is why it is very important to maintain healthy relationships with locals and your online acquaintances. 

Ask for support from these, people don’t be afraid to complain about your problems, and make your goals and aspirations public. You will create a group of wonderful people that will lift you up and keep pushing forward even if you are feeling blue.

We hope these few simple tips give you a better idea of how you can take the best things about living as a digital nomad and keep them far away from some of the issues that are traditionally associated with this type of career. 

Having an entire world at the palm of your creation gives you a great sense of liberty, but without some simple rules to keep things together, this freedom can devolve into chaos.