The Best Remote Work Travel Programs for Digital Nomads

remote work travel programs

The coolest part of being a digital nomad is that you can pack your bag and work from everywhere. Yet, there is a detail that people often forget. Traveling around requires a lot of planning, organization, and research for the best flight and accommodation deals.

That’s right. If you could put it on a scale, the stress of organizing a trip is directly proportional to the great experience you are going to have. Good news, other digital nomads had the same struggle before. And some of them created unique work travel programs to discover new places and meet like-minded people to grow personally and professionally. 

What is a Remote Work Travel Program?

Travel programs are initiatives for digital nomads and remote workers traveling around the world. In short, in the digital nomad community, you can find people of every profession and with many different motivations to work remotely. So, remote work travel programs are a great option to see new places; get inspired; meet people walking a similar professional path; and recharge with other nomads. Generally speaking, there are three types of work travel programs: 

First, there are long-stay work and travel programs. They are a perfect fit for those who want to live in a new place meeting like-minded people working remotely. Usually, these programs include access to co-working spaces to stay focused and networking activities. 

Second, there are learn and travel programs that also provide masterminds and workshops to improve professional skills. Likewise, these initiatives can concentrate in a few weeks or spread over a flexible schedule for several months. Offering local experiences and day-trips, learn and travel deals include access to a full tailored CV, courses, co-working spaces, accommodation, and sessions with other remote professionals. 

Finally, nomad retreats are an excellent option for business-oriented programs or wellness and health breaks. In this case, the focus on productivity relates to a healthier work-life balance. So, you can work remotely while reconnecting with nature through mindfulness practice, meditation, and wellness activities.

Benefits of Travel Programs For Digital Nomads 

Traveling abroad requires a lot of planning and budgeting – not to mention navigating around VISA challenges and post-pandemic travel restrictions. For these reasons, remote travel programs are an easy strategy for accessing the best deals for traveling and discovering the best location worldwide.

Here are the core advantages of remote work travel programs: 

  • Flights: Between local restrictions and tests/vaccine requirements, booking a flight has never been so hard since before COVID. A travel program gives you an official reason to travel and deal more easily with flights and transports. 
  • Accommodation: Through a program, you can access fully equipped accommodations with plenty of amenities without spending a fortune.
  • Professional workspace: You can also access 24/7 co-working spaces to stay focused during your working hours and meetings. 
  • Professional programs: Providing workshops, brainstorming sessions, and networking events, these programs are a great opportunity to improve and learn new skills.
  • Support: Great remote work skills aren’t the only thing that will help you succeed. In these programs, you can find mentors happy to support you on how to launch a remote business from scratch. 

7 Top Remote Work Travel Programs for Digital Nomads

It might sound weird, but each program can be either the perfect one for you, or the worst. As usually happens with digital nomads, it’s up to you. So, thinking about the pros and cons of each program isn’t the best strategy. Before looking at travel programs, focus on what you are missing in your personal and professional life. 

Do you feel disconnected and want to be surrounded by like-minded people? Then a program promoting social and networking activities would be a better fit than a business-focused retreat. Or, do you want to learn more skills to expand your professional opportunities? A learn and travel program can help you combine masterclasses and social meetings. 

Here is a list of the most popular remote travel programs for digital nomads. However, the beauty of this lifestyle is the continuous discovery of new places and experiences. And finding a unique and dynamic community ready to help and share advice. So, let this list be an inspiration, instead of a menu with limited choices: 

1. Hacker Paradise

remote work travel

Hacker Paradise is a community of travelers moving across several cities – next trips include Tel Aviv, Medellin, Buenos Aires, and Marrakech. Participants can join in different locations and decide for how long they want to stay. This travel program is excellent if you are at the beginning of your journey as a digital nomad. Surrounded by traveling professionals, you can see new places while working from co-working spaces or in nature. People in the group change all the time, and you can meet new friends – or even new partners – supported by mentors and experienced nomads. 

Cost: $2,190/month (Depending on your stay)

What you get

  • Housing and utilities
  • Co-working space access
  • Professional and social programming 
  • Mentoring support

2. Coworkations

remote work travel

Coworkations offers monthly itineraries across the world – the upcoming one will be in Thailand! The long-stay work and travel program is perfect if you are looking for a friction-free organization. Their team helps you with flight and accommodation, providing transports from the airport. Coworkations schedule daily trips for you, leaving flexibility to work from different co-working spaces and attend masterclass and social events. 

Cost: $2,000/month

What you get

  • Housing and utilities
  • Co-working space access
  • Travel coverage from airports to accommodations
  • Professional and social programming 
  • Courses and masterclasses

3. Behere

remote work travel

Behere is a remote working community for women. Like Coworkations, they provide support with housing and traveling, co-working spaces, and gym memberships. To attend this program, you need to stay for at least a month. The platform offers private accommodations, co-working spaces, and fitness studio memberships in cities like Barcelona, Bali, Lisbon, and Prague. This long-stay and work option is a great fit for women who prefer working and traveling alone – but safely – instead of community-based accommodations.

Cost: $1,400 – $1,900 per month (Depending on locations)

What you get

  • Housing and utilities,
  • Co-working space access
  • Fitness studio membership
  • Access to local city hosts.

4. Venture with Impact

remote work travel

Unlike Behere, Venture With Impact is all about socializing and connecting. The program aims to create a network between digital nomads and local volunteers or opportunities to fully experience the culture of different cities and cultural backgrounds. People can join a city visit for at least a month and extend their travel with a discount for any additional month. Upcoming trips will be in Medellin, Lisbon, and Chiang Mai. 

Cost: $2,100 – $2,500 per month (varies)

What you get

  • Housing and utilities
  • Co-working space access 
  • Day trips, professional 
  • Language support
  • Partnership with local nonprofit or volunteer organizations

5. Nomad Escape

remote work travel

Based in Madeira, the Nomad Escape is the perfect retreat to combine relaxation, networking, and professional development. Usually, the retreats last a couple of weeks with 8/10 digital nomads from different countries. This retreat is perfect for those looking to build an international nomad community and share knowledge to grow their businesses. The retreats leave you time to work and relax, offering free hours in different co-working spaces booking with the Croissant app

Cost: Depending on retreat location 

What you get: 

  • Housing and utilities
  • Co-working space access with Croissant app
  • Professional and social programming
  • Masterminds 
  • Training and fitness on the beach 

6. WiFi Tribe

remote work travel

WiFi Tribe is one of the first nomad retreats. Founded by digital nomads seeking alternative work experiences, the tribe brings together members from all over the world. This travel program is excellent for those who want to meet new people and interact with different cultures. The tribe moves in four other cities (chapters) at the time, combining work, relaxation, and networking. You can join at any time and for how long you want – just consider that the more you’ll stay, the cheaper it will be! 

Cost: $900 – $2,000 per retreat

What you get

  • Housing and utilities
  • Co-working space access 
  • Weekend trips and activities

7. Nomad Academy

remote work travel

Nomad Academy is a learn and travel program focusing on entrepreneurship. Including classroom learning experiences, the program arranges flights and accommodation to travel to two countries in 12 weeks. During this time, you can access personal mentoring, workshops, flights, and co-working spaces. This travel program suits those who want to focus on work with an entrepreneurial experience while traveling.

Cost: €12,900

What you get

  • Accommodations
  • Flights between cities
  • Co-working spaces
  • Premium online courses
  • Weekly workshops and training

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As we said, this list is supposed to provide inspiration, not necessarily a chartered course. Being a digital nomad means finding your path, and sometimes going out of your comfort zone to try out new experiences – and sides of yourself that you would have ever expected. It’s all part of the process. And these travel programs are a great way to discover what you truly desire and find like-minded people to share knowledge and future aspirations. 

So, get on your laptop and start booking your next digital nomad experience!


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