Remote Work Saves Canadians 65 Minutes a Day

Remote work Canada
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According to a recent research, working from home saves Canadian commuters 65 minutes per day.

The National Bureau of Economic Research published the report this month. A team of economists used surveys of workers from 27 different nations to determine daily travel hours.

Based on data from 27 nations, the research estimates that working from home saves an average of 72 minutes each day. The analysis indicated that working from home saved roughly two hours per week per employee in 2021 and 2022 when taking into account the prevalence of working from home across all persons (even those who never work remotely). This is equivalent to 2.2% of a full-time employee’s 46-hour workweek (40 paid hours plus six hours commuting).

According to the report, individuals who work from home typically spend 40% of their time savings on their primary and secondary employment, 34% on leisure, and 11% on caring for others. People who work from home in Canada spend 41% of their time savings on main or secondary occupations, 37% on leisure, and 7% on caring for others.

Canada’s average daily time savings when working from home was comparable to that of Germany (65 minutes), Hungary (66 minutes), Spain (63 minutes), and France (62 minutes).

In contrast, American remote employees saved around 55 minutes daily. China sits on top of the list with 102 minutes saved a day.

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