Remote Work Can Be The Key For An Inclusive WorkPlace

remote work inclusive workplace

According to a new Glint report, remote work is helping create inclusive workplaces. In virtual teams, employees feel more freedom in giving feedback as companies value diversity.

The survey shows how the idea of ‘work culture’ radically shifted during the pandemic. Besides flexibility in working hours and location, people value climate and diversity when looking for a job. Protests like the Me too movement and Black Lives Matter highly impacted people’s awareness of social values and their expectations in the workplace. 

Remote Work And Inclusion In The Workplace

Speaking of virtual teams and remote companies, team members come from different backgrounds and cultures. According to Glimpt data, leaders committed to supporting remote work are creating a more inclusive workplace. Interviewing over 600 companies worldwide, data show that team members feel more engaged and included in remote teams.

14% of respondents feel safe when speaking their minds, and 9% share feedback with their managers. Remote work requires inclusivity and reduces the effort required to conform to biased ‘professionalism’ standards. In addition, 12% of employees said that sense of belonging is the core driver of great work culture. 

Finally, the survey records a positive uplift for recruitment and retention. 31% of employees are more likely to recommend companies with a highly rated culture. Furthermore, 15% more likely to leave positive feedback.

As Glint Head of People Science, EMEA, Steven Buck, states, “In many ways, remote work has equalised opportunities for employees to be heard and seen. In a virtual-work environment, every meeting looks the same, and each person takes up the same screen real estate, from the CEO to the intern. As organisations re-examine how to foster diversity, inclusion and belonging in the new world of work. Early signs indicate they’d do well to build on virtual work and expand habits, programmes and tools that help people bring their authentic selves to work.”

While companies are expanding hybrid plans, the benefits of remote work are changing employees’ priorities and lifestyles


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