Remote Workers Have New Priorities When Looking For A Flat

Remote Workers New Priorities Looking For A Flat

According to a RentCafé survey, remote workers have new priorities when looking for a flat. Back in March 2020, the primary concern for flats was safety and price. After a year of quarantine, this shift shows that remote workers value open-air and living space. 

Following last year’s global pandemic, alternatives to traditional 9-5 models are becoming more popular every day. 56% of the US workforce can have a fully remote position, and 3 in 5 employees now working safely from home don’t want to work in the office again. 

Following this shift towards remote work, most employees consider moving more than 50 miles away from headquarters and central offices. 

Besides relocating to affordable locations, the survey reveals a change of priorities from remote workers when renting an apartment. 

New Priorities For Remote Workers Renting A Flat 

While no one wants to spend more on rent, most remote workers have shifted their priorities when looking for a flat. 

First, remote workers seek more apartment space to have a separate area for a desk or an extra room for the home office. Secondly, people seek natural sunlight and private outdoor space to stay outside the house during possible lockdowns. Finally, especially those living in big cities such as New York or Los Angeles seek a better location. Renters prefer quiet neighborhoods with larger spaces since they don’t have to commute every day. 

While most companies are adjusting and expanding their remote work models, the estate market is transforming according to remote workers’ new priorities.


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