Global Commuters Save 72 minutes a day

global commuters

According to a recent study, working from home helps global commuters save 72 minutes a day. 

It’s not a secret that most employees tend to prefer remote work flexibility. The National Bureau of Economic Research released a study showing that Chinese workers save around 102 minutes, Serbian 51, and Americans 55. Analyzing the data, a team of economists from Europe, Mexico, and the US surveys daily commuters across 27 countries in the last two years. 

Furthermore, another report showed how commute time for Chicago workers dropped since the pandemic – 2.2% of a 46-hour workweek. As the resort quote: “Commuters strongly dislike unpredictable travel times, and automobile drivers strongly dislike congested road conditions. Thus, long commutes, unpredictable commute times, and congested road conditions push the private value of time savings above the after-tax wage.”

Finally, employers also benefit from global commuters’ saved time. For example, workers devote 40% of their saved time to primary and secondary jobs. And a third focused on leisure activities and the last 11% on caregiving. These results show how habits are changing thanks to remote work. 


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