66% of UAE Employees Prefer Working Remotely 

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A report by recruitment agency Michael Page revealed that out of the 2,000 employees and job applicants surveyed, over 66% are looking for part or full time remote jobs. Respondents share their preferences for remote work, establishing they want to work from home at least two days a week. 

Many professionals in the UAE are actively looking for either hybrid or fully remote opportunities. This has led companies to continue redefining their work policies and adapting to new demands. 

Report Findings: 66% of UAE Workers Want to Work Remotely

The Michael Page survey explored how employees currently feel about their work policies. The main finding was that 66% said they want to work in a fully remote work environment, or at least, in a hybrid one.

The report established that most of these workers’ first remote work experience was because of the pandemic, and the results show that a majority want to keep it that way. 

Other results:

  • 36% of respondents prefer to work three days at the office and two days at home
  • 27% want to work from home permanently
  • 21% like the idea of spending one day working from home

Additionally, the report also revealed a strong hiring sentiment in the UAE, with businesses looking to hire employees for executive or strategic roles due to increased market confidence.


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