New Remote Work Film Series

new remote work film series

Qualtrics launches a new remote work film series to explore the future of work

This series aims to give an overview of the future of work from personal stories. After the pandemic, most people changed their priorities and work settings, creating new flexible businesses and work arrangements. 

So, the leader and creator of the experience management company launched “Work: New.0.” The new film series will be on XM+, the online content destination for business professionals. The film collects stories of remote workers and life coaches, showing alternative professional paths. These personal stories will touch upon several trends around the future of work. 

The first episode is The Remote Conundrum. The story is from Nkem Nwankwo. The Colorado technology worker decided to relocate with his family to West Virginia, improving his quality of life.

After the pandemic, most people decided to work remotely to improve their quality of life. And this new remote work film series wants to give real examples to help others make their decision. 

Work: New.0 is available on XM+ – free for subscribers. You can check the series here:


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