Second Class of Remote Workers in West Virginia 

second class remote workers

Ascend West Virginia announces the second class of remote workers. So, the remote work premiere will offer convenient incentives to applicants moving to the area.

West Virginia is one of the best US locations to work remotely. The first remote work program started in April 2021, with 33 applicants in the Greenbrier Valley. Each participant came from a different city and background. Furthermore, Ascend WV applicants received an average of $3,500 in mortgage assistance to move permanently. 

Now, the second round opens applications for three locations: 

  • Greenbrier Valley: 40 minutes away from the newest national park–the New River Gorge Park & Preserve, the area is ideal for mountain bike trails, climbing routes, and paddling runs.
  • Morgantown Area: As a college town, the area offers cultural and business events, besides outdoor activities like paddling runs, climbing routes, and more.
  • Eastern Panhandle: The historic small towns is between arts and culture and adventure along the Appalachian Trails.

Ascend WV’s second round aims to foster a community of diverse backgrounds and talent. For the second class of remote workers, the program includes:

  • $12,000 cash relocation incentive (installments over 2-years)
  • One year of free outdoor recreation, a $2,500 package including hiking, riding, rafting, rock climbing, golfing, skiing, etc.
  • Free access to coworking facilities 
  • West Virginia University and John Chambers College of Business and Economics entrepreneurship program availability to improve remote work skills.
  • Networking events 

The program will keep running applications for 1,000 remote workers over the next five years. To conclude, the second class of remote workers is an excellent opportunity to grow a remote career in a healthy environment.


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