Co-working Hub, Web3, and the Metaverse

Co-working Hub Web3 Metaverse

In the heart of London, Oxford Street, a new co-working hub built around Web3 and the metaverse will open for the first time. 

After the pandemic, innovation for the workplace are a growing trend. From recovering historic buildings to create VR experiences, new solutions for remote and hybrid workers keep coming out. 

So, the new co-working hub will spread across 175,000 sq ft. And 22,000 sq ft are for exploring new workspace concepts combining Web3, creatives, and investors. The company, Huckletree, records high occupancy rates. And they are committed to building communities for remote workers and entrepreneurs. 

In short, the space is designed for businesses operating in the Web3 world. And it includes:

– NFT Creator Gallery

– VR/Gaming pods 

– Decompression zones

Another aim of the co-working hub is to promote a flexible workplace. Following the remote work revolution, every business has a different working mode. And it’s important to address different needs and provide a dynamic space to be productive and network. 

As Huckletree co-founder and CEO Gabriela Hersham commented: “This latest opening for Huckletree not only marks a major milestone in our journey. But also demonstrates our commitment to innovation and our ambition to back the most transformative emerging thinkers and players in the ecosystem. Web3 and the metaverse have the potential to transform every industry as we know it. So, the community working behind the scenes, be they on the investment or business side, are in need of a space to call home that can also be a platform for funding, deal-flow, ideas, talent, and togetherness.”

So, this co-working hub built around Web3 and the metaverse responds to new and growing trends for flexible workplaces. 

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