Is Remote Work Disappearing?

remote work disappearing

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, remote work is disappearing as companies return to the office

According to May 2022 report, remote work is decreasing following the return to offices. In April, only 7.7% of employees worked from home. The latest numbers are 35% down compared with the pandemic’s start. The chart only includes only those who are working remotely because of the pandemic. 

April Stats: Is Remote Work Disappearing?

Furthermore, the survey shows that remote work still depends on education. Those with a bachelor’s degree or higher education are 5 times more likely to work from home than the average American. In addition, nearly 20% of Asians work remotely, and less than 5% of Latinos.

Man and women also work remotely for different reasons. And from May 2020 (10%), the numbers for both genres decreased to 1%.

Finally, those between 25 and 34 years old are more likely to work remotely. 

As hospitalization cases decrease, remote work is disappearing because most companies are asking to be back in the office. However, most employees are experiencing burnout, and most people still prefer hybrid arrangements. According to several surveys, most US employees are happy to find compromises to keep working remotely. 

Even if it looks like remote work is disappearing, we need to wait until things stabilize again to put an end to the debate about remote vs. in-office work.


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