How Companies are Luring Employees to Return to the Office

Big tech companies are using different strategies such as private concerts and wine tastings to lure employees to return to the office. While, according to several studies, most employees want to keep the hybrid-remote arrangement, companies are looking for strategies to maintain the traditional onsite structure. 

The pandemic impacted people in many ways. In the corporate world, employees got used to flexible working and maintained a work-life balance from home. Now that things are slowly getting back to normal, returning to the office involves a new set of challenges that most employees are still not ready for.

What Some Companies are Doing to Lure Onsite Employees

Employees are going as far as quitting their jobs if they are not offered flexible arrangements. Because of this, the easiest solution for companies is to find new strategies to attract them to return. Here are what some companies are doing: 

  • Google employees were given tickets to a private Lizzo concert. They were also given a $49-a-month Unagi scooter.
  • Microsoft hosted a beer-and-wine tasting 
  • Etsy and Amazon allow employees to take their pets to work
  • Facebook added dry cleaning and laundry services

According to Silive, Linda Baran, president, and CEO of the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce shared: 

“Employees have an entirely new set of wishes and priorities in this post-pandemic environment. “It’s completely up to the individual company whether or not it’s worth it to grant them.”

The pandemic re-shaped the priorities for employees. Before COVID-19, tech companies offered beer pong tournaments, nap pods, and unlimited snacks. Now that is not enough. They need to redefine and try to fulfill employees’ demands to retain them.


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