Remote Work Could be Declining in the UK

Remote work UK
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According to LinkedIn study, remote working may have reached its pinnacle in the UK as a changing labor market gives employers more control.

As “paranoid” companies worry about the productivity of working from home, 12% of UK positions offered on the site in September were remote, down from 16% in January, according to Josh Graff, managing director of LinkedIn for EMEA and Latin America.

In a global poll of almost 3,000 C-suite executives at significant companies, the business also discovered that three out of four managers in the UK are afraid that the current economic recession means they will have to resume flexible working.

Some businesses have already restricted flexible work for current workers. For example, Bank of America Corp. limited the number of times per month that its global markets employees may work from home.

Employees and managers differ on the effectiveness of working from home due to “paranoia” over the amount of work completed. According to a study by Microsoft Corp., 80% of managers said their staff were less effective while they were away from the office. According to Microsoft, 87% of employees believe their productivity is OK, but over 85% of managers worry they can’t detect if workers are accomplishing enough.

According to the Office for National Statistics, the UK labor market is currently booming, with the unemployment rate of 3.5% being the lowest it has been since 1974. Josh Graff, the managing director of LinkedIn for EMEA and Latin America. said that, as a symptom of a slowdown, the hiring rate on LinkedIn in the UK dropped by 10% in September compared to the same month last year.

Graff advised against organizations going back to “command and control” systems because they run the danger of losing “motivated employees at a moment when they need them most.”

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