Remote Recruitment Platform Omnipresent Raises $120 Million Funding

Remote recruitment platform
Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash

Omnipresent, a provider of workspace software as a service, has raised $120 million in a Series B fundraising round, indicating that investors are still interested in remote working tools.

Kinnevik, a Swedish investment firm, and Tencent, a Chinese internet powerhouse, lead the newest round. Uncorrelated Ventures, based in San Francisco, was also a participant.

Omnipresent, which was founded in 2019, is a platform for hiring and onboarding remote workers from all over the world.

During the widespread transition to remote working, the London-based firm gained traction.

Its services include offering employee contracts that are tailored to the specific requirements and norms of the region in which they work, as well as managing expenses in multiple currencies and the overall management of remote teams.

The new funding will be used to expand Omnipresent’s global reach and develop new products and services. It also intends to hire several hundred more employees this year to supplement its totally remote workforce.

“The world is seeing a tectonic shift in the way businesses work and hire: from local-first to global- and remote-first. Omnipresent is catalysing and accelerating this change. Every day, we see companies gaining from a global pool of the best talent, and employees benefiting from new access to career opportunities worldwide – regardless of where they live.”Matthew Wilson, Co-founder and co-CEO, Omnipresent

“There are challenges to operating globally, from dealing with local labour laws to payroll taxes and employee benefits. Omnipresent helps solve these complexities and acts as a partner to help companies go global-first. We are here to provide the expertise, support, and guidance they need to be able to hire international talent located anywhere in the world.”Guenther Eisinger, Co-founder and co-CEO, Omnipresent

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