Find Your Perfect Fit: Top 10 Medical Coding Jobs You Can Do From Home

medical coding jobs

Is Medical Coding Worth It? 

Medical coding jobs should be on your radar if you’re looking for a new career related to the health industry that is paid well and can be done from home

With a high percentage of medical coders working remotely and the Bureau of Labour Statistics predicting a 9% growth in roles before 2030, there is a lot to look forward to.

What is Medical Coding?

Medical coding consists of the process of taking the notes written by the doctor or nurse and translating them into the correct codes so that invoices are raised correctly for the insurance company

There are four types of medical coding jobs:

  • Professional Services Coders – coding for services provided by doctors, surgeons,  and associated professionals.
  • Outpatient Coding – for services delivered on an outpatient basis, e.g. at clinics.
  • Risk Adjustment Coding – identifying conditions with a higher cost associated to them.
  • Inpatient Coding – services that have been delivered during a hospital stay.

How Much Does A Medical Coder Make Annually?

As a medical coder, you can expect to make around $44,000 in a year, which comes down to $21 per hour. However, the pay can vary per position. Let’s take a look at the different careers in medical coding.

Job TitleAnnual Salary
Emergency Room Coder$111,686
Physician Coder$97,592
Travel Coder$88,279
Oncology Coding$87,636

10 Remote Medical Coding Jobs

Here is just a selection of the current medical coding remote jobs that are available. We’ve picked these roles to show you the variety of opportunities available and highlight some of the best medical coding companies to work for.

1. Children’s Hospital Los Angeles 

One of the top ten pediatric hospitals in the USA, CHLA is looking for an outpatient medical coder with two-plus years of pediatric experience. They’re looking for a high school graduate with CCS or CPC credentials which will need to be maintained.

You can apply for the following open positions:

  1. Senior HIM Analyst
  2. Medical Coder, Credentialed
  3. Sr. Peoplesoft Analyst 

2. Comcentric Inc

Earn $25 per hour + full benefits (medical, dental, and 401k) working for Comcentric, who provide support services to medical professionals across the USA. You’ll need CPC Certification and at least two years of experience with an accuracy of over 95%.

You can apply for the following open positions:

  1. Junior Security Analyst
  2. Nurse Recruiter
  3. Certified Medical Coder

3. Dice

This technology company is urgently looking for a certified medical coder with experience that includes cardiology. There’s a coding test to pass to prove that you have the skill level that they are looking for.

You can apply for the following open positions:

  1. Medical Coder
  2. Neuro Surgery Coder

4. Guidehouse – Inpatient

With a salary ranging from $36,600 to over $70k, there’s a lot to for when applying for this inpatient medical coding role. You’ll need certification and experience, ideally of working in a 300+ bed hospital. The benefits of this role are excellent and include medical, Rx, dental, and vision.

You can apply for the following open positions:

  1. Outpatient Medical Coder – ED and SDS
  2. Managing Consultant – Healthcare Strategy
  3. Data Analytics, Senior Consultant

5. Harmony Healthcare – Multiple Roles

It’s rare to find part-time medical coding jobs from home, but Harmony offers just that – giving you a flexible schedule and weekly pay. They’re looking for AAPC certification and professional fee experience, along with an accuracy of over 95%, and are currently recruiting for generalist coders as well as inpatient specialists.

You can apply for the following open positions:

  1. Medical Assistant
  2. Administrative Assistant

6. Insight Global 

You’ll need your own computer and phone, but you will be earning between $30 and $60 per hour plus benefits. You’ll need certification and experience, and if you have a degree in Health Information Technology, that’s a plus.

You can apply for the following open positions:

  1. Manager Of Healthcare Services
  2. Medical Coder

7. Optum 

As a senior coder, your role is less about finding the right codes and more about making sure that the right codes have been used when billing customers. You will need the full spectrum of medical coding experience, with a salary range starting in the low twenties per hour and rising to over 40, depending on where you live.

You can apply for the following open positions:

  1. Senior Medical Coder
  2. Health Advocate
  3. Compliance Analyst

8. Pride Health

If you have ‘epic experience,’ then you may be the medical coder that Pride is looking for! A high school diploma and certification are needed as well, It’s a short-term contract, but it is with one of the top hospitals in the USA, so great to add to your CV.

You can apply for the following open positions:

  1. Medical Scribe
  2. Clinical Documentation Integrity Specialist
  3. Medical Coder

9. RCM 

You’ll need over 5 years of experience for this role, and they are specifically looking for AHIMA certification. In return, you get a flexible schedule, medical insurance, and paid time off. Not bad!

You can apply for the following open positions:

  1. Quality Assurance Analyst
  2. Healthcare Billing Specialist
  3. Patient Solutions Specialist

10. The Judge Group

This recruitment agency is hiring on behalf of a client that is looking for certification (AAC or AHIMA) but is happy to talk to people with no experience. It’s a Monday-Friday role with 8-hour shifts, and they’re looking for 95% accuracy when audited.

You can apply for the following open positions:

  1. Student Support Specialist
  2. Engagement Lead
  3. Revenue Operations Specialist


What is the easiest medical coding job?

Outpatient coding is generally easier than other types, as clinics tend to see more patients with the same conditions and procedures. Psychiatric coding, for example, will often be very simple, with patients receiving the same treatment throughout the day.

Can medical coders work from home?

Yes, in fact, most medical coding jobs are remote.

What is the highest-paying medical coder?

Inpatient coders tend to get paid the best out of all types, and that is because of the complexity of the job. As you can imagine, an inpatient stay may include many tests, procedures, and the time of numerous professionals. The average salary for this role is $53,538.

How to Get started in Medical Coding

Entry-level medical coding jobs are hard to come by – most want some sort of experience and proof of your accuracy. You will need a bachelor’s degree as a minimum and some sort of medical experience or proof that you understand medical terminology, such as an anatomy and physiology qualification.

Getting a certification is one way to improve your chances of getting hired. There are several certifications available, but the most popular are written below:

* AAPC Certified Professional Coder qualification
* Certified Coding Associate qualification from AHIMA. 

You can train to take these exams either with the associations or external providers, but you can also self-study to keep costs down. 

Good Luck Finding The Right Fit for You

While no career is truly future-proof, medical coding looks like a safe bet for at least the next decade as demand is set to rise. There is an initial investment in training and certification, but once you’ve gained experience and proven yourself, the sky’s the limit – and all from the comfort of your own home.


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