New Regional Co-working Hubs

regional co-working hubs

M7 Real Estate is planning a real estate investment trust (REIT) targeting on regional co-working hubs.

It’s not a secret that the demand for the flexible workplace is steadily growing. And different projects are benefiting from the wave, promoting solutions for remote workers and companies.

The M7 Regional Coworking REIT jumps into the trend. The first project will be in Birmingham, and the second in Leeds. The plan includes many buildings that will partner with different co-working service group providers. The goal is to create a dynamic hub to fill the growing demand in the next few years.

The regional co-working hubs respond to the needs of people working from home. Sometimes employees have children, pets, or other distractions. And a co-working space can guarantee a healthy work environment.

As chief executive Richard Croft said: “I can see regional co-working becoming a major a major sector over the course of the next three or four years. I think there will be a shift in the way that we work, but I don’t think that the era of the office is over – I think it’s changing and we intend to be well-positioned to take advantage of that change.”

So, the regional co-working hubs are a new alternative to create a healthy local environment for families and remote workers.


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