New Flexible Workplace in Houston Industrial Area

flexible workplace

Workstyle Flexible Spaces launches a new flexible workplace at 1601 Industrial Blvd in Sugar Land, TX.

Houston has been one of the most active cities attracting remote workers; tech companies; and startups. After the pandemic, the city is home to several initiatives for remote workers. So, most organizations promote alternative workplaces to achieve a better work environment.

Boxer Property runs over 60 locations across the US. and they provide flexible workplaces and private offices for startups and small business owners.

Now, the entity of Box Property has launched a new flexible workplace in Houston’s industrial area. The project includes almost 24,000 RSF additional Workstyle collaborative spaces on the third floor. In the heart of Sugar Land (TX), the space design takes inspiration from modern art-inspired lounges; coffee bars; and tenant conference facilities. In addition, members can select furnished or unfurnished offices, which all include fast Wi-Fi.

As Director of Workstyle at Boxer Property, Marc El-Khouri, said: “We are extremely excited to bring this additional co-working space closer to where many of our customers live. Demand for this style of working from the residential neighborhoods […] is extremely high. And we are currently running at almost full occupancy with our existing space. So, it was not a difficult decision to double that footprint with 24,000 square feet. In addition, it will feature some of our latest office and design innovations.”

Lately, people are returning to offices more regularly. However, this flexible workplace in Houston represents a growing trend around co-working spaces and work from home. 


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