Purdue University Incentives Attract Remote Workers

Purdue University starts to attract remote workers
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In order to attract remote workers, Purdue University is offering incentives. They want remote workers to move to live in the Discovery Park District by moving to West Lafayette.

Evan Hock, the Co-founder of Make My Move, is helping Purdue with the task of recruiting remote workers. Make My Move helps remote workers find remote work friendly destinations that offer incentives.

“Remote work is here to stay there are tens of millions of people that can choose a new home so communities are going to start competing for that talent.”  Evan Hock the Co-Founder of Make My Move

Purdue University Remote Worker Incentives 

• All remote workers will have access to entrepreneurial and programming services through Purdue Foundry.
• They will be eligible for discounts on some of the continuing education programs through Purdue Online.
• Remote workers will also have In-state tuition designation for on-campus, in-person undergraduate programs.
• Remote employees will get access to Purdue University libraries
• They will be able to enjoy 50% discount on the co-working spaces in Discovery Park District.
• Remote workers will have proximity to Purdue University’s R&D facilities and collaborators to work on shared interests.

Remote employees who want to be eligible for all of these perks need to fulfil certain criteria. 

“You have to have a remote job and you have to be able to bring that job with you. You need to be willing to relocate within the next 6 months.”Evan Hock the Co-Founder of Make My Move

The program is only for remote workers who live out of the state. This program will attract remote workers from not only neighboring states but from the states that are far off as well.

“Currently if we look at the district itself when it is all fully built out in the next 5 to 10 years we are anticipating somewhere around 15,000 people that are going to live work and play in the district. It’s hard to say how many of those people will come about through this program.”David Broeker, Chief Innovation and Collaboration Officer for Purdue Research Foundation

The remote workers will not only fill up the region but also greatly help it’s economy. 

“If I recruit a remote worker they bring themselves their job all their tax revenue but also their local spending so it’s an immediate economic impact.” Evan Hock the Co-Founder of Make My Move

Purdue University’s program to attract remote workers has many more benefits. Some candidates will also be eligible to receive moving stipend of up to $5,000 to live in the Discovery Park District. They will be further eligible to get housing discounts of $750-$2500. The remote workers not receiving this stipend can live anywhere else in West Lafayette. They will still have full access to all the other program offerings.

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