Puma is Implementing a Hybrid Work Model


Puma is offering the staff located in the U.S. flexibility over where they want to work. Employees can now choose between working remotely or in the office. Additionally, the pandemic has made the company redesign its North American headquarters.

The sportswear giant is currently growing faster than its major rivals: Nike and Adidas. After focusing on the U.S. market launching basketball products, among other things, the company has seen significant growth. North America is Puma’s fastest-growing region this year. Sales increased up to 31% in the third quarter to account for 37% of the total. 

Puma and Its New Hybrid Workplace Structure

Puma opened its new North America headquarters in Massachusetts. It includes a roof deck, fitness center, childcare room, among other benefits for its employees. And although the plan had to be postponed because of the pandemic, the company hopes that employees can start working in the headquarters soon. 

According to Reuters, Bob Philion, president of Puma’s North America business:

“Flexibility is key. At the end of the day, our employees understand that we’re a product marketing company. We have tangible things that we touch and feel: shoes and apparel.”

However, their focus is not on an office-centric culture but a flexible culture. The company encourages the staff to go to the office three days a week, although this can change depending on teams. And meetings will only be scheduled from 10 am to 4 pm that way people can start earlier or later to avoid traffic. 

With these new changes, the company hopes to attract new staff and to continue building a healthier and strong company culture. 


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