New Program For Digital Nomads And Remote-based Entrepreneurs

digital nomads remote-based entrepreneurs

The Xennial Traveler launches The Remote Business Accelerator Program. The program targets digital nomads and remote-based entrepreneurs aiming to build profitable and scalable remote businesses. 

The Xennial Traveler is a coaching business for digital nomads and remote-based entrepreneurs. Certified business and marketing coach Lori Konkler helps entrepreneurs build successful online businesses.

The new Remote Business Accelerator Program helps those who want to make their business a profit-making venture. The course is designed to isolate the needs of a company and turn the audience into paying clients.

Lori aims to teach how to build a sustainable business working on flexible time from anywhere in the world. The Remote Business Accelerator Program connects clients and digital entrepreneurs, offering access to a more extensive network of people running a remote business.

As the founder says in the press release: “Building a profitable business remotely shouldn’t be a luxury that only a select few get to enjoy. With our Remote Business Accelerator group coaching and mastermind program, we will help you live life in your happy place and build a scalable business.”

Taking advantage of the remote work trend, this new program helps digital nomads and remote-based entrepreneurs. Offering courses and networking opportunities, the company creates new sustainable opportunities to work from home.


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