Will Portugal Bill Tax Crypto To Digital Nomads?

tax crypto digital nomads

On Wednesday, the Portuguese Parliament rejected the proposal to bill tax crypto to digital nomads. 

Recently, Portuguese parties submitted a bill to tax cryptocurrencies to digital nomads. However, the Parliament blocked the legislation for the second time. The country has always been a tax paradise for remote workers and digital travelers

The local news site ECO, released the whole parliamentary session. In short, the political parties Bloco de Esquerda and Livre proposed to bill tax crypto. The Parliament rejected the proposal, but the debate is still open. For example, Secretary of State for Fiscal Issues Mendonça Mendes recently said, “We are evaluating by comparing internationally what is the definition of crypto assets, which includes cryptocurrencies.”

Most people don’t want to bill tax crypto to digital nomads. Indeed, remote workers and travelers are a significant source of income for local activities. And imposing regulations could make the country less attractive for this type of traveling. 


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