Portland Gets Highest Score for Remote Work

Portland Remote Work
Photo by Justin Shen on Unsplash

Portland, “The City That Works,” has been ranked as one of the top cities with the finest work-life balance for its working citizens in a recent research.

CoworkingCafe, a website that aggregates data on coworking locations around the nation, carried out the research. Following analysis of the most populous cities in the United States’ economic, cultural, infrastructural, and psychological criteria, the platform’s list of the Top 20 Cities for Work/Life Balance & Mental Health was created.

With a total score of 69.4 out of 100, Portland came in at No. 13 among the top 20 cities.

With a score of 91, The Rose City had the best performance in the field of remote work. The U.S. Census Bureau’s study on remote employees was utilized by CoworkingCafe to calculate this score.

Portland scored 87 points in the category of mental health, which was where it came in second place. The amount of recreational amenities given by The Trust for Public Land’s public database, as well as the average weekly work hours recorded by the U.S. Census Bureau, were used to calculate the mental health score.

Portland didn’t place first for affordability or commute choices, either. Due to factors including Portland’s high cost of living and lengthy commutes to work, these categories underperformed. The only city from the Pacific Northwest to appear on the list was Portland. Mid-sized Midwestern cities are the greatest locations for work-life balance, according to CoworkingCafe.

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