New Platform for Digital Nomads and Backpackers

platform digital nomads backpackers

Overlap launches a new Seamless platform for digital nomads and backpackers to connect while traveling the world.

Hybrid and remote work arrangements are still prevalent. And most people are trying out different work solutions to travel and experience a new style of life. While this style of life opens infinite opportunities, it can be isolating to travel in different countries. 

So, Overlap launches a new app for digital nomads, van lifers, backpackers, or study abroad students. The idea is to create a digital space for people to connect and find new people everywhere they go. Sharon Rosenberg, Nicholas Zaverdinos, and Jason Hu began are a group of digital nomads. They created the company after experiencing isolation and loneliness. So, the group wanted to find a safe solution to help people connect and find travel buddies.

The platform for digital nomads and backpackers is on Google Play and the Apple App Store. It offers several features, including: 

  • Ability to document travels around the world
  • Notification system which alerts users when there is overlaps in upcoming travel plans or wishlist destinations
  • Personalized recommendations from
  • Visual map to see friends’ current locations and upcoming travel plans 

As Rosenberg said: “The team is excited to bring this app to the community of travelers and nomads we’ve been a part of for years and can’t wait to see it in use. We’ve been listening to our users’ feedback and continuously iterating it to make the best app out there for frequent travelers.”

This platform for digital nomads and backpackers is another example of a growing trend. More people every day decide to change their life. And new apps and solutions come up to meet different demands.


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