New Philanthropic and Community Involvement App 

philanthropic and community involvement app

THRIVE | Co-working launches a new philanthropic and community involvement app. 

The organization offers flexible workspace solutions, focussing on philanthropy and community involvement. Now, they launch a new app at the monthly Alpharetta Food Truck Alley, in the heart of downtown Alpharetta, close by THRIVE’s flagship co-working space. 

The Progressive Web Application allows members to purchase from the nearest store and donate from everyday transactions. In addition, participating retailers provide discounts so that consumers can save money and donate to charities. 

As Initiative Cofounder and Chief Revenue Officer Chris Smith says: “Most employees are loyal to a company that helps them contribute to social and environmental issues. And our members definitely want to make a difference in their community. So, this is the first of many THRIVE locations to feature regularly scheduled. And events, activities, and adventures for members allow them to give back to the community in a tangible way through donations.”

The new app is a partnership with the City of Alpharetta. The city Food Truck Alley promotes diverse mobile cousins by organizing music and family-friendly events. As President and CEO of the Alpharetta Chamber of Commerce, Deborah Lanham says: “The Mission of the Alpharetta Chamber of Commerce is to promote a vibrant business climate and economy. And enhance the quality of life within our surrounding community. And we see THRIVE as a key community partner for Alpharetta. So, their local-community focus for a work/life balance. Finally,. social engagement is at the heart of a community like Alpharetta.”

This philanthropic and community involvement app aims to support consumers and local businesses. And promote the benefits of the remote work trend, providing innovative and efficient co-working spaces. 


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