New Bitcoin Resort In the Philippines!

Philippines bitcoin resort

The Philippines will launch a new Bitcoin resort on the beach.

On the Western coast, a Philippinen vacation town will turn into a Bitcoin Island. “Pouch is a cryptocurrency wallet service. The services have promoted the use of Bitcoin on the island for the last few months. 

Most locals now accept Bitcoin payments from customers, opening new channels for travelers and businesses. So, promoting crypto tourism became a strategy to empower the micro-economy and establish new solutions to boost the local economy.

Bitcoins are an effective solution for Filippino families. They can save money for children’s education and housing while maintaining a healthy style of life. And tourists can enjoy local amenities for reasonable pricing fueling the local economy. And the Bitcoin resort on the island is an experiment.

The Bitcoin resort will be a test to try new types of payments and transfers. For example, Ethan Rose founded Pouch, a Bitcoin wallet service. The service uses the Lightning Network to enable customers to send and receive money in different countries without additional costs. So, the company aims to make Bitcoin transactions cheaper and faster. 

The idea targets local Filippino families and digital nomads. People transferring money to different countries will be able to save on bank fees and enjoy the local amenities. The Philippines Bitcoin resort is another example of a new experiment to attract flexible workers and improve the local economy. New solutions pop up from traditional buildings to private islands to explore new ways of doing tourism.  


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