A Private Island For Digital Nomads

private island digital nomads

Digital nomads influencer and entrepreneur Olumide Gbenro is creating a private island for digital nomads and remote workers. The digital nomad pioneer in Bali wants to build a community to live and work in luxury. 

One of the core perks of digital nomads’ lifestyle is working from stunning locations while experiencing different cultures. Jumping into the workation trend, influencer Olumide Gbenro aims to launch a private island for digital nomads by January 2023. 

The project targets those looking to vacation while working. The idea is to work on an island perfect for any working schedule. For this reason, the private island will be in a location free of human occupancy. Securing privacy for remote workers, the island will provide several comforts, including running water, Wi-Fi, food supply, and solar panel for electricity. 

A Private Island For Digital Nomads

The private island for digital nomads will be a sustainable example of an alternative lifestyle. So, remote workers could enjoy a stunning location while networking with other remote workers.  

The location of the private island is still confidential. The opportunity is open to remote workers willing to escape city life to work in an alternative environment. To be part of the project, people need Non-Fungible Tokens. To clarify, NFTs are digital assets stored on a blockchain. You can buy these tokens leaving a trace of the purchase. An NFT can represent visual, audio, or other digital files. Only those with NFTs can access the private island for digital nomads. Once they complete the purchase, they can be among the first 5.000 community members in the private island network. In addition, they will know the exact location as soon as the sale is over. Most likely, the private island will be in a strategic location between Asia, Africa, and Europe. 

For more information, you can join Olumide Gbenro and the Digital Nomads Island team on September 5. In addition to the presentation of the project, remote workers and digital nomads will be able to buy tokens and access the island in the future. 

Here is all you need to know on the private island for digital nomads. 


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