Hotels Pay-By-The-Hour New Alternative for Remote Workers

Hotel rooms

Travel technology company Sabre is now implementing flexible pay-by-the-hour hotel bookings by pairing up with reservations platform, ByHours. Remote workers who wish to work at a hotel for a couple of hours instead of paying for the night will be able to do it with this new ‘’microstay’’ policy. 

As remote work continues to increase, the tourism industry is adapting to the new changes. 2020 was one of the hardest years for the industry, as most countries were under lockdown, and traveling was banned. But now that things are getting back to ‘’normal’’, the way hotels work might change forever. 

Pay-By-The-Hour: Latest Microstay Hotel Policy

Sabre is the first global platform to offer hourly hotel reservations. The technology company will be partnering with travel agencies that will provide rooms by the hour, all this through the ByHours-Sabre Red App. 

Hotels and agents will significantly benefit from this microstay policy. It will incentivize digital nomads and remote workers to work there without paying too much. 

Giving travel agencies the power to offer relevant content to satisfy the changing needs of their clients is paramount to Sabre. Today, more than ever, travel buyers want access to a broad range of content that better meets the needs of today’s traveler.Traci Mercer, Senior Vice President of Product Segment at Sabre Travel Solutions.

Hotels are quickly reinventing to adapt to the new reality. As remote workers are increasing, this new flexible policy will encourage them to see hotels as another working space alternative. Some hotels are even converting rooms into temporary offices; others add additional working space into the bedroom. The pay-by-the-hour policy will enable hotels and travel agencies to adapt to the new digital industry emerging.


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