Nueces Co. Veterans Services Go Back to Remote Work After a Building Fire

Go back to remote work
Photo by Alejandro Escamilla on Unsplash

A fire broke out on the second level of the RTA headquarters on Wednesday, keeping firefighters busy. There were no reported casualties, and the damage was modest.

The facility was still closed as a result of the damage and fire’s aftermath, preventing walk-ins. However, Nueces County Veteran Services are still available despite the fact that its physical doors were closed.

People will need to phone the centre for help because they can’t walk inside the building, according to the group. They said that since the outbreak, they have been able to offer services remotely and that they will need to return to doing so in the meantime.

All of the seasoned service personnel are still on the clock and putting in their usual hours.

“We have over 25,000 veterans in our county alone, so we’re very imbedded with the veterans organizations, with the veterans themselves. A lot of them reach out to us for guidance within their benefits for help during times of need. We’re fully on board with that, and for those who don’t have that capability, maybe you don’t have a computer or maybe you’re not in tune with the technology, we’re going to reschedule you and get you in as soon as possible.”J.J. De La Cerda with Nueces County Veteran Services

They will continue to operate during their usual hours, which are Monday through Friday.

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