Buenos Aires: The First Conference For Digital Nomads

first conference digital nomads

On November 26-27, Buenos Aires City Government will host the first Conference for Digital Nomads. With this free and hybrid event, Buenos Aires confirms its growing reputation for travelers working remotely.

During the pandemic, the Argentinian government encouraged remote work across the country. However, the city of Buenos Aires is long known as one of the best destinations for digital nomads and travelers. As a result of this growing trend, the Buenos Aires City government will host the continent’s first-ever conference for digital nomads.

NomadsBA is a two-day hybrid event. Parallel to online events, in-person meetings will happen in the Usina del Arte (La Boca). The location is a strategy to reactivate the capital’s visitor economy and international tourism targeting a young crowd working remotely. 

Indeed, the City Hall aims to attract around 22,000 by 2023, promoting travel trends such as ‘workations’ and remote working in the city. In addition, the council is working to introduce a new ‘Digital Nomad Visa’ to extend the long-stay time in the country. 

Buenos Aires: The First Conference For Digital Nomads

As the first big event after the pandemic, the first international conference for digital nomads offers over 25 free activities. Besides talks and workshops, the initiative includes networking opportunities, meet-ups, tours, cocktail evenings, yoga classes, and co-working space openings.

Among the speakers: 

  • Jimmy Naraine: Headlining a host of key speakers at the event are educator, entrepreneur, and adventurer; 
  • Matt Bowles: Real-estate entrepreneur (Maverick Investor Group); 
  • Rosanna Lopes: Digital marketing expert and nomad community builder; 
  • Alec Oxenford: Tech entrepreneur and unicorn founder (OLX Group, Letgo); 
  • Axel Kutchevasky: Movie producer.

As the City Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta says: “We want young people worldwide to choose Buenos Aires to live, study or work. A city is better able to grow and develop when it has stronger international links and influences. Our city is an ideal destination for digital nomads: it has great culture and diversity, high human capital, and above all it is liveable, accessible, and affordable.” 

For full details of the full line-up: https://nomadsba.co


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