Hub For Digital Nomads And Creatives Launches NFTs Initiative

STAY OPEN is a hub for digital nomads and creatives in California. Today, the organization launched a limited edition collection of NFTs created by local artists.

Based in Venice Beach, STAY OPEN runs pod hotels and co-living properties encouraging networking and social connection. The locations are all affordable, tech-first, and design-forward. The brand’s first pod hotel and co-living residence opened in 2021 in Venice Beach. New hubs for digital nomads and creatives will follow in San Diego and Los Angeles.

The Hub For Digital Nomads And Creatives Launches A NFTs Initiative

Now, the brand has launched a new initiative with NFTs created by local artists. To put it simply, NFTs assign immutable data units to digital items in video or audio form. Original pieces and artists’ collaboration will show on the OpenSea platform. Members can purchase them for ETH 0.0083 ($35). In addition, they will receive a unique code for future stays in OPEN STAY locations.

As STAY OPEN CEO and Co-Founder Steve Shpilsky says: “We are crazy excited to use blockchain technology and NFTs as a way for people to buy incredible digital art with utility. Our average nightly rate is now $69. So, someone can buy the NFT today for $35 and redeem either right away or later during the summer when average rates will exceed $69. Blockchain allows for the NFT owner to easily and securely gift or transfer the NFT to someone else. There is so much potential utility to NFTs within the hospitality and real estate space. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Our NFTs are like digital gift cards that you don’t lose and will still look cool in your digital NFT gallery after you’ve redeemed the stay. It’s an awesome way to show brand affinity.”

So, the hub for digital nomads and creatives opens a new opportunity to think about the potential of co-living and networking for digital nomads.

Images source: STAY OPEN


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