New Zealand Targets Remote Workers

Joining a global trend, New Zealand targets remote workers to boost the local economy.
After popular examples like Portugal or Croatia, New Zealand opens its doors to digital nomads and remote workers. Long-stay travelers are becoming a global strategy to encourage mobility and improve local economies.
As a result of undergoing a worker shortfall, the government is working on temporary changes to its immigration rules. The aim is to lure 12,000 workers over the following year. In addition, the country is putting together a working holiday scheme to support the labor shortage.
As Immigration Minister Michael Wood said, the changes to the immigration law will provide “immediate relief to those businesses hardest hit by the global worker shortage.” Furthermore, the holiday scheme will support this process.
New Zealand targets remote workers to cope with inflation and raise wages. So, the visas will be open to diverse types of workers, and there is the opportunity of extending the application period for 6 months.

As the country’s jobless rate reached 3.3% in the second quarter, these measures will support the job market by opening more opportunities for all. Europe and Thailand also employ similar strategies to support local businesses after extended restrictions.
So, New Zealand targets remote workers joining a global trend.


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