New York New Trend: Co-Working From Your Apartment

co-working from your apartment

Metro Tech Services launches a new trend: co-working from your apartment. The tendency increases as the company opt for a post-pandemic hybrid workplace.

The impact of the pandemic impacted different layers of daily life. Foremost, remote work profoundly changed working habits. With the extension of the global lockdown, most remote workers moved away from big, and expensive cities like New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco. Following this trend, other U.S. states launched convenient incentives to attract remote workers in their cities, Like West Virginia or Las Vegas, and restart the local economy. 

However, some remote workers aren’t ready to leave the Big Apple behind. 

New York: Co-working From Your Apartment And Stay Remote 

Metro Tech Service launches a new solution to support its employees, opening a new co-working space in a Brooklyn apartment building.

Tony Dopazo, the technologist at Metro Tech, turned the apartment building into a co-working space. The apartment building Level provides working rooms on the first and ninth floors, including desks, computers, and private conference rooms. The space is free of charge for the people living in the building. In addition, Dopazo rents for $80 a month the balcony to work enjoying the New York landscape. 

Metro Tech Services works with 90 clients across various industries. Remote work opened new strategies to allow both clients and employees to have a flexible schedule. The idea of the apartment building follows this tendency. The goal is to provide affordable and flexible space to work and make connections. 

In addition, some remote workers aren’t properly equipped to work from home. Providing computers and fully functional tools, the space aims to cover this gap and improve individual performance. 

While COVID’s restrictions are getting lighter, new solutions for remote workers are popping up – probably to stay in a post-pandemic scenario. 


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